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Ms. Beverly proves that treating the air in her classroom works better than treating her asthma. 


Beverly Claybrooks is a teaching gem. An incredibly engaging, energetic, and passionate educator. She graduated from high school at age sixteen. At twenty she assumed her first teaching role on a Ford Foundation project. By 22 she was chosen as a top educator and became part of the first wave of black teachers  to desegregate Nashville faculties in the early 1970’s.

But this dynamic bundle of educational energy was suffering mightily with asthma. A near daily reliance on her asthma inhaler and cough medicine was growing old. Ms. Beverly was about to retire from a career she loved because of air quality issues.

But something changed …

Ms. Beverly’s classroom was located in an older school. Previous water damage, molds, mycotoxins, pollutants, particulates, and pollen are often difficult to control with older HVAC equipment. Two weeks after plugging in a portable air disinfection and purification device  this happened:

“Gee whiz, I haven’t used my inhaler in two-weeks. What is this all about. I’m breathing!”

“It has improved my life 100%. It has improved the lives of my students because they’re not missing.”

Beverly Claybrooks
Former State State of Kentucky Teacher of the Year

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