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Clean indoor air makes knowledge transfer more effective.

A bold claim. But the data to support it already exists. When the air at school is cleaner kids learn more effectively. Especially the youngest learners who are developing foundational skills that will be used for the rest of their lifelong learning journeys. 

Improving indoor air quality reduces sick days, asthma events, allergy symptoms, and workplace errors. On the other hand, it increases cognitive ability, visual and audio recall, test scores, workplace productivity, and the overall health and wellbeing of everyone in the building(s) . 

We make breathing better. Again.

Greentech’s comprehensive line of air purification technologies enable us to deploy air quality improvement solutions in layers, mitigating the risk of both airborne and surface transmission of human pathogens while simultaneously improving human performance.

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Cleaner air improves cognative function.

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The educational sector work horses. Deploying primarily in classrooms, office, admin areas, and onboard school busses. Mounts in about 5-minutes. Easy to maintain. 5-year warranty that includes all recommended filters!

Made in USA

Induct/HVAC Solutions

24/7 reduction of odors and particulates via existing HVAC ducts. Easy install – Keeps duct systems fresh. LED Function Lights Confirm Operation.


Multiple active and passive technologies improve airborne pathogen reduction efficacy while removing odors. Reduce airborne VOCs, particulates, mold, viruses, bacteria, and other respiratory irritants from indoor air spaces. Stop Stink!

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ODOGard Filters

Patented Greentech filters feature ODOGard®. An advanced coating technology that creates a covalent bond with odor molecules, changing the molecular structure, removing smell.  Learn more about how the right filters can save energy costs! 

Made in USA


The front-line defense system in the battle for safer and cleaner indoor air.

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Layered technologies that compound IAQ improvement results while stopping stench!



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ODOGard Filters

Don’t mask or cover odors. Remove them!

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smells like these guys aren’t even in the room!

2019: Masking Odors

2023: Removing Odors

Don’t ignore the odor.

For years teachers and staff at a Georgia elementary school used air fresheners and sprays to mask the odors indoors. Now many have been diagnosed with environmental cancers.  The school is near the Snapfinger Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

If you can smell the air you’re breathing and it doesn’t smell quite right, ask why?