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Safer, Cleaner Air Improves Athletic Performance (… and the scent profile of “changing rooms”)   

Leinster Rugby aims to reach the highest standard of excellence both on and off the pitch, and the partnership with Novaerus by McGreals Health will offer an additional safeguard to the strict safety measures already in place in and around Leinster Rugby facilities, not only protecting them from Covid-19 but also from additional viruses that could impact player performance.

McGreals Health, distributor of Novaerus NanoStrike™ technology in Ireland, has become the official clean air partner to Leinster Rugby for the protection of players and staff.

Superintendent of McCracken County Schools - Steve Carter

Elite athletes are significantly impacted by air quality. 

“In conclusion, there is compelling evidence that elite athletes are at increased risk for airway dysfunction. This risk however varies across sports, depending mainly upon the mechanical and dehydration stresses generated within the airways, and the level of noxious agents (ie, airborne pollutants, irritants or allergens) inhaled by athletes during exercise.”

British Journal of Sports Medicine
Respiratory health of elite athletes – preventing airway injury: a critical review