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Head Start Program Tested the Devices with Staff, Then Placed Them in Classrooms    

“Staff members would arrive on Monday mornings and develop symptoms that spanned headaches, sneezing, watery eyes, burning sensations in the back of the throat, and hives by the end of the day. I also had some of these symptoms.

We certainly suspected a problem, but the results of our tests were eye opening. With the devices running, there is no longer a connection between getting to work and the symptoms listed above.”

Whitney Pile, RN, Health Services Coordinator for Murray Head Start

Murray Head Start is optimistic that we will see better attendance of children and reduced employee absence due to less illness, along with better odor control and clean air flow in older buildings.

“Murray Head Start wants to do everything possible to create the healthiest environments for our youngest children and our staff.  Improving the air quality in our classrooms will have a big impact on removing toxins and decreasing illness.  The proven results of the WellAir devices made taking this step an easy decision as we use funds targeted for child and staff wellness.”

Cindy Graves, Director, Murray Head Start

Superintendent of McCracken County Schools - Steve Carter

Image credit to Jeremy J. Ford, KFVS-12.

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