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Head Starts out in front again. Embrace indoor air quality improvements for our youngest learners. 

NWTEDC partners with MEDformance to deploy Healthcare-proven air disinfection and purification technologies in classrooms and admin offices.

 “We are excited that we have invested some of our COVID funds for clean air. It helps with respiratory issues and also helps with the attack of the COVID-19 pandemic ”


Rayaka Humphreys, the Program Director for Northwest Tennessee Head Start. 

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Americans, especially preschoolers, spend 90% of their time inside where air, and on average they are five times more polluted than the outside.

Image of article about Head Start programs deploying cleaner air.

It was a data-based decision.

“Our results suggest that upgrades in indoor air quality in schools is relevant besides reduction of the spread of viral diseases, such as COVID-19, and supports children’s cognitive capacities, precisely at a critical age for human capital accumulation and skill formation.”

Indoor Air Quality and Student Performance: Evidence from A Large-Scale Field Study in Primary Schools

Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Real Estate

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