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Visible Energy

Use real-time data to target and eliminate energy waste. Test and Validate sustainability. Make financial impacts visible and accountable. 

Making Energy Waste & Air Quality Visible 

  • Accountability: Validate the impact of energy management initiatives

  • Measure and monitor by-the-minute

  • The most effective way to get Green is to stop wasting energy – See exactly where to target improvements

  • 12-40% waste reduction potential (hard cost savings!)


The ability to see your indoor air ecosystems is the fastest way to reduce energy waste while improving the quality of the air that the people inside your buildings breathe.

The person who manages your building has a bigger impact on your health than your doctor.” 

Dr. Joseph Allen, Deputy Director of the Harvard Education and Research Center for Occupational Safety & Health

Image of an indoor air ecosystem via analytics and visual datas

Predictive Analytics

The ability to mine your building’s data down to the machine level in real-time, and overlay that with the historical results of thousands of buildings delivers immediately actionable insights on where to eliminate waste.

How to Find $8 mil

“It’s giving us real-time data. But it’s also giving us real time choices. It’s really amazing to look in that black box and see all the opportunities it affords us.”

Chris Farkas, Deputy Superintendent, Hillsborough County Public Schools

Air Quality Impacts Health

It also improves human performance.  Workforces perform better. Kids get better grades. Fewer errors are made at work.

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

Peter Drucker, Author, Educator, Management Consultant


16,000 Global Collection Sites   |   60 Billion Data Points per Month


Green air switch
Green air connect
Eniscope Hub Renderer
Eniscope Air Sense
Green air ambient

We use your data to expose the highest value energy waste reduction opportunities, and then show the financial impact of every improvement in real-time. 

“I can honestly say, on a minute-by-minute basis, how much money we’re saving this community.”

Chris Farkas, Deputy Superintendent, Hillsborough County Public Schools

The Value of Visible Energy Waste

Eniscope benefits illustration.

Scalable. Agile.
Easy install.
Zero Maintenance.

“We’ve had the Eniscope for about a month and we’ve been able to save 43% of energy costs”

Chief Engineer, Bethune University, USA

Energy waste reduction can Save dollars, fund IAQ, and most quickly move buildings toward “net-zero”.

Define. Measure. Analyze. Design. Verify.

DMADV is the Six Sigma framework for creating a new process or product. It it is at the core of our implementation process.
Preschool children at reading time


We take your floor plan, and an HVAC and electrical overlay while on a site visit. Project is scoped, CTQs defined. Goal: Waste Reduction. 
best.energy map to power boxes


The Eniscope hubs are linked to sensors, systems, and machines (devices) and millions of data points from your building are moved to the cloud.
Wellair protect 900 hanging on classroom wall


Once your data is in the cloud our analysts go to work ferreting out the “low-hanging fruit”. The lowest cost/highest impact energy waste reduction opportunities are pulled to Phase I.

Wellair protect 900 hanging on classroom wall


Deliverable: The processes – even a checklist to get started. A comprehensive roadmap to energy waste reduction. Plus, any equipment required to realize the targeted gains will have already been included in the CapEx that we can fund. No need to find budget. Waste reduction is a hard cost savings, so funders know the ROI is proven.
Eniscope hybrid showing ability to see indoor air


See the key metrics and measures from buildings in real-time.  Validate that the designed solution or processes are  delivering the impact advertised in real-time. Use the data from the system to ID new opportunities to reduce energy, gas, or water. Validate the ROI from every project before deploying at scale. Make energy consumption accountable. Drive Hard cost savings. Move out most quickly on net-zero carbon goals.

Our Focus Areas


We help Head Start programs, K-12, and colleges and universities implement proactive, technology enabled approaches to manage energy, control disease transmission, improve indoor air quality, and eliminate odors.


Hospitals, surgery centers, IVF clinics, oncology, wound care, physicians offices, nursing, rehab, assisted living, memory care, long-term care, labs, dental, pharmacy, dialysis centers … all with unique air quality and/or odor issues.

Indoor Grow Operations

Indoor grow operations have unique challenges with their energy bills and IAQ management. High humidity exacerbates problems with fungals and potential for cross pollination that can degrade or destroy crops. High RH also decimates charcoal filter effectiveness.


Often the most fertile ground for identifying and eliminating energy waste. Gains can exceed 40% with machine level data visibility.
Icon image for veterinary air quality markets

Multi-Site Food Service & Grocery

Eniscope’s scalability and lean footprint makes it perfect for multi-site locations. A 7-11 franchisee took out over 700 tons of CO2 across the first 100 stores deployed. The equivalent of taking 650 single family homes offline!
Eniscope diagram.

The Eniscope Platform

The world’s most complete ‘hybrid’ energy monitoring system.


Edge computer, IoT hub, data aggregator, and internet gateway.


A tactically superior piece of equipment for mission attainment.


Vision. Intelligence. Accountability. Control.