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RSR1000 Commercial Air Purifier – Up to 1000 CFM


Medical-grade design with 3 levels of protection
• 99.99% HEPA and optional ozone-free bipolar ionization and/or UVC sterilization provides industry leading protection
• Exceeds ASHRAE and CDC requirements
• Up to 1,000 CFM
• Ties to existing home or small office HVAC ductwork

Quiet Operations
• Variable-speed ECM fan
• Low-noise
• Efficient

Easy & Safe
• Variety of control options
• Long life components and simple maintenance
• Rapid deployment

Quick Install
• Quick production lead time
• 110 voltage with grounded plug

• Standard Unit Dimensions – With HEPA and/or bipolar ionization, UVC
• 22 W x 22 D x 58 H
• RSR Weight Approx 180 lb
• Galvanized steel

Standard Controls: Local running lights and ECM fan motor speed control.
Control Option R1: Control uses differential pressure across filters to automatically adjust fan speed to maintain desired airflow.
Control Option R2: Upgraded network type controller to allow for system visibility to the facilities Building Automation System (BAS) via IP address. The IP address is selectable / changeable by the owner to add to their network. Simple graphics and analog values of filter pressure. Some installation required.

• HEPA 99.99% (20″ x 24″ x 12″)
• MERV-8 pre-filter
• Optional ozone-free bipolar ionization
• Optional UVC sterilization

• Full load amps – 10.4
• Volt/Ph/Hz – 110/1/60
• Up to 1000 CFM
• 1″ WC total static pressure, 0.5″ WC external static pressure


ISO-Aire ™ clean air technology is the ideal solution for mid- to large-sized offices, cafeterias, gymnasiums, assembly halls, churches, performance and stage areas, fitness centers, larger restaurants, open floor spaces, community living areas, libraries, and others. ISO-Aire provides clean air to an area in a high-performance, quiet and quick to install unit with an unmatched level of protection.

The medical grade filtration system captures and destroys 99.99% of potentially harmful airborne particulates like viruses, bacteria, mold, dust, pollen and VOCs and offers an unmatched level of filtration protection utilizing a 12-inch HEPA filter paired with bipolar ionization and/or UVC sterilization.

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HEPA Filtration System, HEPA Filtration System + Bipolar Ionization, HEPA Filtration System + UVC, HEPA Filtration System + Bipolar Ionization + UVC


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